You carry one of the finest cutting tools on the planet, but when it’s in your pocket, around your neck or shoved into your boot, how are you going to show your loyalty to the Fastest Growing Knife Company in the world?

With the Mantis Militia 2nd edition baseball cap! The same quality and uniqueness that you’ve come to expect from our wide array of knives follow into our apparel and accessories. The 2nd edition Mantis Militia Ball Cap has been constructed of 97% Cotton and 3% Spandex. All of the stitching was done right here in the USA, and the large 3D logo located front and center “pops off” the hat like they do in the major leagues

Finally, this hat displays a very unique characteristic, one that’s never been done on a ball cap before: It’s called the E.O.A. You can find the E.O.A. on the bill of the cap, located near the right-hand side. The purpose of the E.O.A. hole will be revealed at a later date, but until then, enjoy the inquiries from nearly everyone who sees it! Just like our knife designs, this hat is a real attention grabber.

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