Sabot IV Red Powder Coated

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Sabot is a versatile accessory that enhances the performance and functionality of another object, whether in military, industrial, or other domain.

A sabot is a device or mechanism used to enhance the performance of effectiveness of another object or system. It is a typically designed to fir around or inside a larger object, providing.

protection, or increased functionality.

The Sabot IV has a Carbon fiber handle with a red twill fiber and we are using  M390 steel Red powder coated steel

Sabot IV is a Karambit style Knife with a very unique design.

Use this knife holding it on your third finger. The pocket clip is something brand new to the industry, it can be mounted in several different configuration.

The handle is a Carbon Fiber with a red twill fiber and we are using M390  steel, Red Powder coated

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